HTML5DevConf T-Shirt Design Poll

Go here to see our shirt design choices:

These shirts will be available in both male and female size and styles. If you have specific preferences for collar or shirt style, please leave a comment. Please note that these mockups are not representative of the final shirt type they will be printed on.

"Space Opera" by Ellis Kim (@EllisK01): "The HTML5DevConf space battleship travels to Earth via Bifröst, linking plebeians to front-end web development gods twice a year. In the starry distance, the tears of Princess CSS3 spreads across the galaxy as she weeps for the blood that is shed to make the voyage possible."
"Sword and Shield Crest" by Yongbok Hwang (@teespring): "Transcending history, and the Internet, a tale of developers and debugs, eternally retold"

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