2018-2019 Evaluation of School Parent Involvement Policy and Program
Jefferson Parish Public School System - Federal Programs Department

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School Parent Involvement Policy and Program *
I participated in the Development or Review of the school's Parent Involvement Policy.
I was provided with a copy of the school's parent involvement policy in the student handbook.
I was involved in the Evaluation of the schools' Parent Involvement Policy.
The content of the school's Parent Involvement Policy is easy to understand.
The content of the school's Parent Involvement Policy is written in my primary language.
I received a copy of the School-Parent compact in student handbook.
I have been notified that I have the right to request the professional qualifications of my child's teachers and those of any paraprofessionals working with my child at the back to school night meeting.
I was notified in a timely manner when a teacher not meeting the definition of Highly Qualified was teaching my child for four or more consecutive weeks.q
I received information on the Louisiana Promise Parent Resource Center through the school website under documents/family resources.
I attended Title I Back-to-School Night/Open House.
I attended at least one Parent-Teacher Conference Day.
I attended at least one PTO Meeting.
I received a home-school newsletter each month through our social media platforms.
I received communication from school in a variety of ways such as emails, phone calls, packets, etc.
1% of the school's Title I Funds are allocated to Parental Involvement. I know how these funds were spent by attending Title I back to school night.
I have used the school-provided resources and activities to assist my child with student achievement.
I always feel welcome and comfortable when I come to the school.
I can go to the school for information and there is someone to provide support and tell me what is going on with my child.
I have received clear information about what is expected of my child based on the Louisiana Content Standards for student achievement.
I have visited the school's website.
I feel that the school has tried to find out about my interests and skills, and has connected me with things that I would be interested in doing.
I am satisfied with the school parent volunteer program.
I would like to serve on the School Improvement Team.
I feel that the school staff welcomes and announces parent committee meetings.
I receive information on family networks.
I receive and/or help distribute information on resources that serve families in the community.
Several barriers prevent more parents from participating in parent involvement activities. These include: *
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More parents would participate in parent involvement activities if: *
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I would like to receive more information about: *
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