Application for Youth Entrepreneurs
Are you a young entrepreneur who is making waves in your industry? Are you a leader and changemaker in your community? Are you in need of mentorship and support to take your enterprise one step further to new heights? Then The Road to Nairobi 2016 is for you!!!

Wait no longer and apply now as young entrepreneur or read more about the program on

In order to apply you need to match the following criteria:

>> You must be between 15 and 35 years old.
>> You must be a national or a resident of the following African countries:
South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda.
>> Your business must be up and running. The Road to Nairobi 2016 project is not for great
ideas or business plans - you must have already started and be able to prove it!
>> Your business, invention, or social project can be in any field or industry
(science and technology, industry, agriculture, water, etc.).
>> Individuals who apply must be one of the founding members of the business.

Value of the Program
Upon being selected as participant of the Road to Nairobi 2016 project the youth entrepreneur will gain the following benefits:

>>Have their story and enterprise covered in a book called “Young African Entrepreneurs”.
The book will be published in early 2017.
>>Present at the multi-stakeholder event in your country of residence that brings together
young entrepreneurs, policymakers and other government officials, successful members
of the private sector, and UN entities.
>>Stand a chance to be chosen as one of the five entrepreneurs to present their venture to
policymakers and CEO’s from all over the world during the 2nd High Level Meeting of the
Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation in Nairobi.
>>Have the opportunity to join the Global Shaper Community of the World Economic Forum
in your city / country of residence.
>>Have the opportunity to link with stakeholders who will have access to mentorship and
funding opportunities.

Personal Details
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Your Enterprise
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The following questions give you an opportunity to motivate why you should be selected and how you will benefit from participation as a Youth Entrepreneur. Answer each question in 1500 characters or less.
Relevance *
Have you identified a clear business opportunity or social need in their country?
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Effectiveness *
Does the venture you have created effectively respond to this relevant need or opportunity?
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Job Creation Impact *
Has the venture created any jobs to date and does it have the potential to create more jobs with the support of the Road to Nairobi 2016 project?
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Scalibility *
If the venture is a for-profit business, does it already earn revenues and does it have the potential to increase revenues with the support of the Road to Nairobi 2016 project? If the venture is a not-for-profit enterprise, does it already reach beneficiaries and does it have the potential to reach many more beneficiaries with the support of the Road to Nairobi 2016 project?
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Leadership *
When have you clearly demonstrated leadership potential and an ability to inspire others? Can this potential be accelerated by being part of the Road to Nairobi 2016?
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