Squirrel Moon 2018 Online Registration
Welcome to the online registration form! See www.SquirrelMoon.org for complete info.
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Prices go up Aug 30. Children are 15 or younger.
Adult Weekend Pass for all events and meals $90 each ($110 after 8/30)
2 Adults & 1 or more Children Weekend Pass for all events & meals $210 ($260 after 8/30)
Child Weekend Pass for all events and meals $30 each ($40 after 8/30)
PART-TIME (if space available; we'll confirm after September 8)
There's never any extra room on Saturday. Sunday is the easiest part-time slot to get into.
Friday dinner/dance $25
Sunday $20
The bunkhouses often smell musty.
Number of nights tenting, $10 per night
# of nights in female bunkhouse, $15 per person per night
# of nights in male bunkhouse, $15 per person per night
What kind of diet will you be following? *
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Anything else we need to know?
If you are registering multiple people with different diets specified above (veg, gluten-free, etc), please spell that out.
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Make your check payable to MARY CARLE and mail it today to:

Jim Winkle
813 Emerson St.
Madison, WI 53715

We will confirm your reservation and hold your place when your payment arrives. Thanks!

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