COVID-19 Testimonials for GSA Private Fundraising
To support our UCSB graduate student community in the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeking additional funding from private donors by working with John Loftus, our Assistant Dean of Graduate Fundraising. We are asking you to share your story of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your life. As a consequence of the misunderstandings that the general public has about what it is to be a graduate student, many of these potential donors simply have no idea what our lives are like here at UCSB. Though submitted anonymously, these stories will be further anonymized to protect your identity before being given to individuals who want to donate to help graduate students directly. Thank you for your help!
Please share how COVID-19 has affected your life as a graduate student at UCSB. *
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Basic Needs Resources
We also recognize we are all still struggling, and have been working with other entities on campus, especially for food and rent aid. You can apply to access more resources that address food and housing security as well as to access other basic needs by filling out this form:
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