Yale ACDC Anonymous Feedback Form
This is a space for any anonymous feedback about the climate and work environment in the Yale Astronomy Department, sustained by the Yale Astronomy Climate and Diversity Committee (ACDC). We maintain this space for suggestions and feedback about improving department climate and diversity, as well as concerns that may be addressed at a departmental level within the scope of ACDC. Responses to this form will be reviewed directly by appointed members of the ACDC.


This is not a venue designed to report specific incidents. ACDC members are mandatory reporters and therefore are mandated by the university to report any incidents to the Title IX Office if they might fall under Yale's definition of sexual misconduct. The following are places where specific incidents can be reported:

- Title IX Office: Contact Stephanie Spangler at 203-432-4446, or titleix@yale.edu (https://provost.yale.edu/title-ix). Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from sex and gender discrimination in educational programs and activities at institutions that receive Federal financial assistance.

- Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education (SHARE) Center: Call the hotline anytime at 203-432-2000 for information, advocacy and support (sharecenter.yale.edu).

- Yale Astronomy Dean of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Dean of Graduate Studies (DGS), or Department Chair
[OPTIONAL] If you would like to self-identify or if you would like for us to get back to you directly, you may provide your name here.
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