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Welcome to the VAULT Festival FOH Form. We'll use the information you enter here as the basis for your show specific FOH procedures at the venue so please make sure you're happy with it before you submit.
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This should be the person who has the authority to amend the Latecomers Policy and/or who our FOH team will liaise with on clearance each day
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1. What is your Latecomers Policy? Please select from the answers below or provide your own in the "Other" box *
All shows at VAULT MUST have a latecomers policy. Any changes to your Latecomers Policy must be made in writing to FOH@vaultfestival.com 24 hours prior to the changes coming into effect. Please note that whatever you choose as your latecomers policy will double up as your readmittance policy also.
2. What is your step-free access Latecomers Policy? *
Step-free access to some venues may require the patron to cross the stage. Please indicate below an appropriate policy for latecomers using this route. This must be in line with your latecomer policy but does not have be identical.
3. Does your show require any warning signs? *
We will provide these signs. Please use the other box for anything you are unsure of or not listed below.
4. Will you be filming / photographing any of your performances? *
We (Box Office and FOH) really need to know if seats will be lost for camera equipment well in advance. Please email requests to bom@vaultfestival.com AND foh@vaultfestival.com no later than 24 hrs before the performance.
5. Does your show contain any substances that will require cleaning or attention after the performance? (paint/powder/liquids etc) *
(please note you are responsible for cleaning any materials related to your performance)
6. Will you be providing the audience with alcohol or food? *
(please note this must be cleared with the Festival Directors (office@vaultfestival.com) in writing in advance)
7. Does your show require the audience to be free of coats and bags? *
8. Does your show have an age guidance? *
9. Do your flyers or posters contain any explicit material that we may need remove/cover during Mini VAULT? *
Mini VAULT is our weekend children and family programme of shows and activities that takes place across the entire festival site
10. As a rule we say no filming or photography by the audience is allowed within shows. Would you like an exception to be made for your show? *
11. Please let us know if there is anything else you think we should know about your show (relating to FOH) that isn't listed above:
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