An introduction workshop with ROI CARMELI (Israel)
Workshop Info
Within the contexts of of his arts residency at VIC and the MEIA 2018 festival, Israeli artist Roi Carmeli will present a hands-on workshop based on his previous work with sound making kinetic sculptures.

► DAY 1

. Introductory talk and examples;
. Assembling a simple DC motor;
. Controlling speed with voltage and gears;
. Different kind of mechanisms;
. Using contact mics and pre-amps;

► DAY 2

. Development of individual projects;
. Testing the sound of each of the produced sculptures with contact mics, pedals and amplifier;
. Enjoying the combination of the different projects working together;
. Final chat and conclusions.

All the necessary tools and materials (motors, wood parts...) will be provided by the organisation. The workshop is limited to a maximum number of 6 participants.

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