LCAP Student Survey 2018-2019
This survey is voluntary. We hope you will complete the survey because your answers will help improve the school and support school programs.
In which Inspire school do you attend? *
My school provides a good education. *
My school provides the materials I need to learn such as textbooks and learning materials to meet my needs. *
I look forward to school each day. *
I feel safe and connected to Inspire. *
My school works with my parent/guardian to help me do my best in school. *
My teacher contacts (calls, emails, speaks to) my parents/guardian when I am having trouble learning. *
National standards or I Can Statements are being taught to students with Inspire including English language learners, students with disabilities, and those who are gifted. *
How often do you meet your teacher for support?
My school prepares me for future college and/or career paths. *
I am clear what courses I need to enroll in and pass to graduate from high school.
I know whom to contact at the school to ask questions about my high school graduation status.
I am aware of available resources at the school to help me graduate from high school with my cohort (4 years).
How can the school better help you or other students graduate from high school with the cohort (4 years)
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How often do you attend Enrichment Academy?
How often do you participate in Inspire field trips or activities?
How often do you participate in project-based learning that incorporates technology and collaboration with other students?
What is the one thing that the school can do that would help you better achieve all of your learning goals? *
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What would make learning more engaging (fun)? *
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If you are an English learner, please answer the question below: I am being taught to speak, read, and write in English as quickly as possible. *
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