Butterfly and Success Built on Failure
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James Guy butterfly via GoSwim.Tv
Butterfly has ______ kicks for every stroke cycle
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James times both of his kicks to coincide with the following
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The video talks about the body line that James has in his butterfly. Please take a moment to write down what contributes to that ideal body line.
What contributes to James having that ideal body line that the video talks about? Check all that apply
James's extension is always ______ and never ______
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It is essential to grab the water in the ____ phase of the stroke
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The hands draw a ____________ shape
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On the recovery of the arm stroke, it is important that the arms are relaxed and travel ____________
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After the breath the head should be put down ______ the hand entry
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Success Built on Failure
Failure is only a failure if you _______
Failure becomes __________ if you keep going
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Failure doesn't exist in the mind of a champion, all it does is push them to ______________
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Failure is not the end of your story, it is the beginning or your __________________
Take a moment to write what "success built on failure" means to you and provide an example of what you once felt was a failure that you turned into a success.
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