Howloween 2019 Artist Application

We are all here to have fun, draw cool stuff and enjoy the event! :D


Before we get to that, we gotta go through some serious stuff. We want to make sure you all know what's expected, what's going to happen and how its going to work so there are no stressful surprises! So bear with me!

●Applications will be open From Dec 5th 2018 to Jan 15th 2019 - Our staff will start contacting applicants back during the final portion of January at the latest.



●You will be expected to create artwork related to the current years theme. (coming soon)
●You will be working as part of a team, alongside the Art Director, who will assign tasks to each person on the team, taking your schedule, style and skillset into account so that everyone has something fun and comfortable to work on. (Unless you want a challenge, in which case, we will certainly try to oblige.)
●Everyone will be added to a collaborative project page (which is available as a website AND a mobile app) so we can all work together to complete the list of tasks and to promote group brainstorming and a learning environment, accepting and supportive of artists of all kinds!
●All staff are also expected to communicate in their channels on our staff discord server. This will be given once accepted.
●The collaborative project page will have templates for some of the art pieces as well as mascot information and will host the full list of needs so everyone is kept up to date.

NOTE: You must be a legal adult to be participate! (18 years or older!)



●Digital or Traditional is fine as long as you have a scanner for traditional work. (Photo's likely wont do)
●8.5x11 inches minimum (If you can do larger and want to do a poster of some kind we'd be all ears!)
●300 DPI
●JPG/PNG/PSD (We may require PSD's for images that may need to be cropped to different sizes. HOWEVER; we will NEVER ask for all your layers! You can flatten each character to their own layer -shading and all- and the background elements to another so that we will never have your full working file! We just need to make sure that everything fits into different size formats when things go to print. We don't want to crop half a character off!)

Here is a general list of the artwork we usually need for the event:
●4 badges if possible
●1 t-shirt design (Vector for Silkscreen; Art Lead can help with this.)
●Website/Social media art (Themed characters/objects/designs/banners)
●Promo Art /Flier/poster art
●Various sizes of art for website/conbook ads for Howl (Can use other images for this as well.)

Other art pieces may arise that have other specifications. (usually smaller then 8.5x11 so there is likely work for those who may not be able to do something at 8.5x11inches!)


►Volunteer/Staff Perks

Being part of the Art Team will net you the following:
●Registration by Donation (Including $0) as long as you complete AT LEAST 1 piece!
●T-shirt artist gets 2 complimentary t-shirts in any size of their choice (that we provide.)
●If you created something that got printed, we'd be happy to try to save a copy for you if you want it! Fliers, Posters, etc. (You will need to attend Howloween to pick them up though.)
●Beyond that, we will of course post everyone's art to the Howl site/Social Media/Galleries with links back to your websites to promote you and your work.

The list of artists and their discount rates will be given to the event organizers/registration team so that when you attend the event, they will be able to compensate you.



By applying you are agreeing to allow the Howloween staff/convention to use your submitted artwork for Howloween needs. (They will not be used for anything outside of Howloween but may be used in future years if needs arise!)

Use of your image may require us to do any (but not limited to) the following things:
●Crop it/alter it's size
●Alter the colours/levels so it shows up better on our website/prints/etc
●Turn it into a vector image if needed
●Add text/logo's to it
●Depending on the crop, your signature MAY not be visible. If this is the case, depending on time constraints, we may need to simply add text stating "Art by _______" on the piece. If we do not have a working file and time constraints do not apply at the time, we will contact you to alter the image for better placement of your signature.

►YOU STILL RETAIN THE COPYRIGHT TO YOUR WORK! (You are only letting us use it for howl!)

This means that you are allowed to do with it as you normally would; IT IS -YOUR- ART. (Post it on your galleries, portfolios, social media, etc) We just request that you don't make merchandise or items with the artwork that would compete with Howloween's sales. (T-shirts, badges, etc. We need these sales to keep having Howloween each year. Hotel contracts, t-shirts, equipment rentals, etc aren't free.)

You are welcome to use the artwork to make prints, posters, stickers, etc as long as it excludes any official Howloween branding/logos. (Since it wouldn't be an official Howloween item.)

There MAY be a few items that we might want to keep a secret until the event(or a specific date) and may require it not to be posted until that time, however those items will be listed clearly that they have a "reveal" date on the project list so you will know before hand. (Once the reveal date has passed, you are able to do all the things listed above!)

If you have any questions or concerns we'd be happy to hear them at

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You understand that not every application will be accepted! We only have so many needs to fill and we want to make sure that each person has at least 1 art piece to work on. Not getting in is not a slight towards you or your art and we VERY MUCH appreciate your willingness to volunteer. PLEASE apply again next year! *
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