Survey: OW Nose dives
The purpose is to collect anonymous info about the actual conditions experienced by people preceding a OneWheel nosedive. You guys that took the pain please teach us newbies how it went wrong for you :)

As a new OW owner, even though I feel I can ride it well, I was interested to know the risks I am taking.

Trawling through forums I read some accounts and descriptions of nose dives (some of them horrific), but its difficult to judge how common they really are, and how likely it is to have such an incident. What actions/mistakes/faults are the most common leading to a nose dive .

Therefore I made this questionnaire that just targets some key points and over time the results may be used by anyone who is interested to get a better understanding of when and how these nosedives usually happen.

Anyone is welcome to fill this out , results are available in "Responses". If enough people do it may lead to some interesting observations. Interpretation and conclusion is up the viewer of the data.

Feel free to forward this survey to anyone that had a nose dive experience with their OW

Straight to Results:
Board Type *
My OW was built in
Mileage of board (at time of nose dive) *
Approx Speed just before nose dive *
Riding mode just before nose dive
Weight (lbs) of the rider
I felt push-back just before nose dive
Nose dive happened on
Acceleration before nose dive
After nose dive the OW was powered
Battery % of board at time of nose dive
My personal verdict
Any other comments (optional)
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