Solo Jazz: Apple Jacks
This is our beginner friendly Solo Jazz level. Each week we will introduce a number of Authentic Jazz and Solo Charleston moves and the technique behind them. We will work them into a short routine so you will get more comfortable with them.
As we will be building up moves from the basics, this level can still be useful for dancers who do have some Solo Jazz experience and want to work on their movement and vocabulary.

Swing dancing is a very energetic activity. It is very likely to get sweaty while dancing. Please bring a towel and/or a fan, maybe an extra shirt.

This block will have ten classes, on Tuesday nights: September 17 until November 19.
19:00-20:00 Solo Jazz level 1: Apple Jacks
20:00-21:00 Solo Jazz level 2: Fish Tails
21:00-22:30 Competition and Show level: Trickeration

Classes take place at the Key Town Swing Studio, Telderskade 48 in Leiden. It’s the old school building on the corner of the street. Please ring our doorbell, and someone will come and open the door for you. As we are on the second floor, this will take more than a few seconds ;)

All our regular classes are €10 per class. This course consists of ten classes, bringing the total to €100. Adding a second course will give you a 25% discount on that course. Adding a third or more will give you a 50% discount on those courses. Discounts for our Solo Jazz Routine Trainings are specified separately.

Please note
1. Filling in this form does not guarantee your admission. We will inform you about your admission status depending on the total number of registrants and - in case of partnered classes - a good balance between leaders and followers.
2. When registering with a partner, both leader and follower need to fill in a separate form.
3. After signing up, you will receive an email with payment details. Please give this a couple of days, as we handle all registrations by hand.
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