CCPS Literacy Survey Gd. 3-12
Caroline County Public Schools is creating a Birth to Grade 12 Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP) which includes all content areas. Consider the practices in your home and current program(s)/curricula being used to teach literacy in our county, grades 3 through 12. Please complete this survey to help CCPS assess the needs. Due to deadlines for the CLP submission, this survey will remain open until March 28, 2018. Thank you for your input.
What makes a person literate in today's world?
Your answer
In a typical week, approximately how much time does the following happen in your home?
4-5 nights each week
1-3 nights each week
Not consistently
I read with my child.
My child reads.
My child sees me read for work or pleasure.
Do you or your child have a Caroline County (CCPL), or another public library, card?
If yes, how often does your family access the CCPL or another library's services either in person or online?
To what degree do you see CCPS supporting your child learn these aspects of literacy?
Extremely well supported
Well supported
Not supported
Not at all
Reading fiction/stories
Reading nonfiction/information text
Writing stories
Writing an argument
Writing about a topic
Computer literacy skills
In which subjects are you seeing evidence of your child's ability to read, write, speak, and listen? Check all that you see.
When you need to access the Internet or multimedia, where do you go? Check all that apply.
If you have a question about literacy or helping your child with schoolwork, where do you go for help and support? Mark all that apply.
What do you see as a strength of the CCPS literacy programs?
Your answer
What do you see as a weakness of the CCPS literacy programs?
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To what degree do you feel CCPS is preparing your child for college and/or work after completing school?
What if...? What if there were one thing you wanted CCPS to know about you, your child, and/or literacy, what would it be?
Your answer
Thank you!
Thank you for your support in providing us valuable input. We anticipate sharing a draft of the CCPS Comprehensive Literacy Plan in May 2018. Please watch for information from us.
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