HER London Referral
About HER London:
We invite inspiring London women to come together for intimate gatherings, featuring key women propelling change in their respective industries.
Our events foster authentic relationships leading to meaningful, long-term connections and positive personal and professional change.
Who is a HER?
- Industry leaders in Tech, Fashion, Wellness, Beauty, Finance, Marketing, Travel, Media & more
- Founders, CEOs, VPs or Directors at their companies
- Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30
- Influencers both professionally and through their personal social networks
- Featured speakers at Summit Series and TEDx

A small selection of companies represented by HER members:
Vogue, Spotify, Elle Magazine, Uber, Standard Hotels, Refinery29, Away, Sweetgreen, Snapchat, Tumblr, Adidas, J.Crew

HER members are invite only, do you have someone you want to refer? Use the form below.

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