ACE Code Day 2020 Registration
Hey everyone,

In light of the current global situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, after talking with AVHS admin and the district, we have decided to postpone ACE Code Day indefinitely.

We were super excited to get the opportunity to teach all of you cool programming skills and we will be working with our volunteer team to create videos and other materials that you will be able to browse later on

There are also already tons of resources online for anyone looking to learn a new language, skill, or concept. Reach out to us if you want any recommendations!

We thank you for your understanding.
ACE Coding Team
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ACE Code Day is limited to only current middle or high schoolers.
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Find more information about each workshop at: Please read these descriptions before signing up for workshops. If you are planning on doing the Hackathon, please select only that option, as it is for the entire duration of the event. You will be randomly assigned a session for each workshop.
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Chromebooks are okay! Laptops are required for nearly every workshop. If you cannot provide your own workshop, we will do our best to supply you with a Chromebook for the duration of the event.
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