2019 Need-Based MTSA Workshop & Membership Scholarship Application

Eligibility: Any student falling under the qualifying guidelines for free or reduced lunch programs as defined by the United States Department of Agriculture is eligible for a MTSA need-based student scholarship. These income eligibility guidelines can be found at https://www.wosmith.org/income-guidelines.

Directions: Please fill out this application. All information will remain confidential. After completing the tuition assistance application, please mail other necessary forms to MTSA Scholarship Committee c/o of Toni Ferguson, 210 Mayfair Rd, Nashville, TN 37205.

Application Checklist:
- Completed/submitted online application form
- Playing ability video (provide link)
- Teacher recommendation (your teacher must be an MTSA member)
- Copy of most recent tax return

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. We must be able to access your playing video digital file or video link (e.g., private/unlisted YouTube video). You may use your phone to record your video. Please provide a clear video recording. Make sure the adjudicator is able to see your hands at all times, violin and face. A picture of your full body stance is best and no extraneous background noises.
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If awarded a scholarship, are you willing to volunteer for MTSA events? *
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Workshop morning registration & t-shirt table
Workshop morning & late afternoon set up/teardown
Honor's Recital reception & stage set up
Workshop runner/misc. help people find rooms bring clinicians water and misc.
Day of Music registration and runner
How many members in your household? *
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Explain any financial circumstances that, when considered along with family size and gross income, give a better picture of the financial need (no more than 500 words). *
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MTSA Involvement - Please list recent participation in MTSA events: *
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Teacher Recommendation
Have your MTSA teacher fill out the online recommendation form in the tab under scholarships.
Playing Ability Video
Depending on your level, please send a link to a digital file including:
Students Bk. 4 level and up: Most polished piece and a contrasting review piece
Students mid Bk. 1 – 3: Most polished piece and twinkle theme
Students early Bk. 1: Most polished piece and twinkle theme OR twinkle variation A
Piano Accompaniment is optional
Please type in website link address here (e.g., private/unlisted YouTube video): *
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Thank you for filling out this application
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