AFP Toronto Mentee Application Form
The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Mentorship Program is a 7-month commitment on behalf of both the mentor and the mentee. The purpose of the relationship is to share knowledge, answer questions and be an encouraging and supportive partner in the professional development of the mentee.

The mentor is to provide the mentee with advice and information. The advice will be limited to work-related and/or specific fundraising advice to be used to enhance the fundraising program of the charitable organization with which the mentee is currently associated.

The relationship is meant to be position or employment specific and is not to be used or construed in any way as a consulting relationship or career coaching. We recommend that both partners advise their employer if they intend to participate in this program.

Time Commitment: 7 months (in year 1) with the option to continue on an annual basis.

Matching Process:

The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Mentorship Committee will be facilitating the match between mentor and mentee based on the information collected on the Mentorship Program Application Form. Key criteria for matching partners will be based on the areas of expertise the mentor has, and the area of greatest learning need identified by the mentee.

Mentee Responsibilities:

• Take initiative and be proactive in and responsible for your career development
• Play an active role in setting personal goals and communicate those to your mentor
• Initiate discussions and activities and seek feedback
• Follow through on commitments and the timeline mentee and mentor have set
• Allow flexibility with regard to meeting times and places
• Be willing to be coached and ask for and receive feedback in a non-defensive manner

Please review the program terms:
and complete the below form if you are interested in becoming a program MENTEE.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, July 31 at 5pm EST.
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