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Metta Centre has launched the “Ask a Buddhist” program with a panel of Buddhist monastics and lay practitioners who can assist with supporting our community during these uncertain times by telephone, email, Skype or Zoom. They are on a panel and known as 'Panelists'. If you have a question about Buddhism, your practice or just have someone to talk to, we can connect you to a fellow Buddhist who may be able to help you through it.

We are all living through some unprecedented times with countries shutting down; people falling ill, dying and losing their livelihood, and most of us in isolation at home. This is the time when we really need to support one another and draw on our spiritual practice. While people are in isolation and going through uncertainties, they may not know who they can turn to for support and guidance on their Dhamma practice.
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Our panelists will provide general guidance only and should not be taken as definitive advice. Please use your discretion with any information that the panelists provide to you. Metta Centre and the panelists hold no responsibility or liability for any harm that may be caused directly or indirectly through your use of this service. Although we will do our best to connect you with a panelist, we may decline to provide this service or terminate this service without notice. If we believe that your query is beyond our scope or expertise, we will let you know and may refer you to another service instead. Please note we will not be providing responses to students who want answers for their Study of Religion homework and assignments, rather than genuinely having an interest in Buddhism. The information that you provide in this form will be provided to our Panel and therefore we cannot guarantee confidentiality. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact us at
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