Neighbourhood Business Survey 社區商業問卷 - For Residents & Other Individuals 居民和個人用
SURVEY CLOSES AUGUST 31ST. For those who prefer to provide input in person, a workshop is schedule for Wednesday August 23, from 5-7PM at Lore Krill Housing Co-op (239 E Georgia). Event details and registration at

問卷在8月31日星期三停止。希望親自提供建議的各位可以參加在8月23日星期三下午5點至7點在佐治東街239號 Lore Krill Housing Co-op 舉行的說明活動。詳細資料和註冊請到

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The City of Vancouver is investigating the potential of a proposed program similar to San Francisco’s Legacy Business Registry and Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund. The City of Vancouver hopes the program may help address retail gentrification and the loss of neighbourhood-defining character in Chinatown and adjacent communities. The City's aim is to implement the program within 16-18 months of the report from this research (planned for November 1, 2017) with the possibility of extending into other neighbourhoods in the inner city.

The City has hired LOCO BC (Amy Robinson), in partnership with Heritage Vancouver (Bill Yuen), June Chow (of the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown - 青心在唐人街), and Modus (Rob Barrs), to complete this work. We are reaching out to Chinatown residents, businesses, and landlords and leasing agents to help understand how community members define a 'legacy business' in Chinatown and/or a business with heritage or community value.

The information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence. We will report only collated results, never referring to any individual response without the owner’s permission. If, however, you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so.


溫哥華市雇用了LOCO BC (Amy Robinson)與Heritage Vancouver溫哥華遺產社團 (Bill Yuen), June Chow (青心在唐人街) 和 Modus (Rob Barrs) 以合作關係進行該研究。我們正與唐人街居民,商戶,業主和租賃代理人員們聯繫,幫助理解社會成員如何定義「傳承商業」或社區內具價值的企業。


What is your name? List any affiliations you would like us to know about you. 你的姓名是什麼?列下任何你想讓我們知道與你相關的附屬關繫
We won't share your answers with anyone. However, if you would like to remain anonymous, please write anonymous. 我們不會公開你的姓名但如果你想保持匿名,請填下“匿名”
Your answer
Email and/or phone number 電郵和(或)電話號碼
Please provide us with your contact details unless you prefer to remain anonymous. This is for record keeping only. We will not contact you without your permission. 請提供你的聯絡資料,除非你想保持匿名。這只是用來保留紀錄,我們不會未經許可與你聯絡。
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May we contact you with any follow-up questions? 若需要跟進,我們可以與你聯絡嗎? *
Do you live in Chinatown? 你住在唐人街嗎? *
If yes, for how long? 如果你住在唐人街,你在這裡居住多久了? *
If no, what neighbourhood do you identify as living in? 如果你不是住在唐人街,你住在哪個地區?
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What do you do in Chinatown? (Check all that apply) 你會在唐人街做什麼?(選所有合適選項) *
What businesses do you most value in the neighbourhood? 你最重視唐人街裡的那些商業?
List specific names of businesses, or the type of business (e.g. green grocers). 請列下商業名稱或商業類別(如:菜攤)
Your answer
Why are they important to you? 你為什麼覺得它們對你重要?
What do they contribute? How do they serve? What would be missing if they were gone? 它們貢獻些什麼?它們怎樣服務?如果它們不在了,會失掉什麼?
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What would help them remain in the neighbourhood? 什麼會幫助它們留在這社區?
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Are there other businesses you think are important to stay in Chinatown? 還有什麼其他商業你覺得重要而應該留在唐人街?
List specific names of businesses, or the type of business (e.g. green grocers). 請列下商業的名稱或類別(如:菜攤)
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Why? 為什麼?
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How would you define a 'legacy business' in Chinatown and/or a business with heritage or community value? What are its characteristics? 你會怎樣形容一個在唐人街裡的「傳承商業」和(或)有歷史或社會價值的商業?它有什麼特色?
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How would you define a 'legacy business' and/or a business with heritage or community value in other neighbourhoods? Are the characteristics different? 你會怎樣形容一個在其他社區的「傳承商業」和(或)有歷史或社會價值的商業?它的特色有所不同嗎?
Feel free to use your own neighbourhood as an example, if you live outside Chinatown. 如果你住在其他地方,你可以用你的社區作為例子。
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What kind of business fits into Chinatown well, and why? Are they cultural, mom-and-pop, affordable, etc.? Please provide examples of existing businesses (by name). 什麼商業適合在唐人街?為什麼?它們是什麼形式-有文化,廉價,小經營,等?請提供一些現有例子(商業名稱)。
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Any other comments? 其他評語
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