Middle School Transition Survey
We want to know how YOU feel and think about attending middle school.

This is NOT a test.
There are no wrong answers.

1. What is your first and last name?
2. How do you feel about attending middle school next year?
3. I look forward to middle school because...(Select all that apply)
4. Other things you may be looking forward that are not listed above:
5. What would you like to know more about? (Select all that apply)
5. I worry about... (select all that apply)
6. Do you have siblings that ARE or HAVE attended the middle school (IEY)?
7. If so, what are their names (first and last name?
8. Do you have family that IS or HAS attended the middle school (IEY)? (i.e cousins, aunts, uncles)
9. If so, what are their names (first and last name)?
10. Please write one question you would like answered during middle school transition/orientation.
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