Iris User Experience Report
Be part of the Iris' evolution! Fill the first Iris user experience form-based report.

Please fill the necessary fields to register your experience with Iris or to register a company or a start-up that you're part of.
How did you learn about Iris in the first place? *
How did you find Iris?
Where was the first time you wrote your first Iris Application? *
Was Iris the reason you did the switch to Go? *
What Go web framework did you use before Iris? *
Type the name of the web framework at the "other" field, if any
Are you following the Iris' github repository? *
By starring or watching the github repository you're able to watch the evolution of the project and learn first about its new features and other relative news.
I'm supporting Iris by...
You can skip that if you're not a warm Iris supporter.
I'm using Iris to build... *
Write down the online websites powered by Iris that you have knowledge of
If you're part of a company which uses Iris, ask your boss if you can write the name of the company or the domain here before submit. If you own a website built with iris please fill the answer, separate them by comma. You can skip that if you don't know any online service that is powered by Iris.
What characteristics and features you like the most? *
What you think is the most critical part of your Iris' learning curve? *
Write the package names you use side-by-side with Iris
The package names (i.e, separate them by comma. You can skip this question if you're not using any third-party packages rather than Iris.
What you'd love to see in the next Iris version? *
This is a question to see if you're happy from the Iris' current development status. Keep note that 100% of the current reported bugs are being already fixed, we have 3 spaces to learn from: the _examples, the and the godoc.
Describe your feelings about Iris *
At overall, your experience with Iris, did it make you to write better code and faster websites or not?
Iris on top ten trending open-source projects at Github *
Did you know that Iris was one of the top 10 trending projects for 2016 at all programming languages in the github?
#1 Go Programming Language | 22 June 2016
22 June 2016
#1 All Programming Languages | 22 June 2016
22 June 2016
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