Application - Theatre Mentorship Programme
IAPAR Mentorship Programme is a new and exciting series of sessions that offer youth the chance to learn behind-the-scenes work in theatre and performing arts. Its aim is to provide interested students with an opportunity to learn about theatre in a hands on way. To learn by doing, learn through working.

Over the course of a year, IAPAR will be investing in the development of those with an active interest in becoming diverse, proactive and engaging theatre practitioners. The mentorship programme will comprise of workshops focusing on the promotion of a skill related to theatre, play reading sessions, play watching sessions, discussions and masterclasses lead by experts in their field. Under the guidance of our founder director Mr Vidyanidhee Vanarase (Prasad) a limited number of participants, will work together in a targeted programme designed to introduce them to the basic conventions of drama, an introduction to the existing theatre practises in India as well as other countries and the discipline of working for the stage. The programme will also look at the entrepreneurial aspect of arts and artist’s survival.

How it works
1. Participants must register for the programme at the beginning of the mentorship programme
2. The programme will run over 36 sessions from July 2019 to March 2020 (nine months), i.e. on average, four sessions a month.
3. An average session would be between 60 to 90 minutes. This could vary on a higher side.
4. A session would be designed in a way so as to facilitate multiple opportunities for the participants, including workshops / master-classes, talks, watching performances of a play, followed by a discussions, interactions with practicing artists from across the globe, and so on...
5. There would be individual One-on-One sessions, focusing on individual needs and questions
6. The schedule (date, time, venue) of the sessions will be declared at the beginning of each month.
7. Participants are encouraged to take part in every session. Missing a session will lead to gaps in understanding as the programme is designed as a cumulative process.
8. Participants also get access to a selected number of workshops and performances at the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2019.
9. Deserving participants may get an opportunity to be a part of ongoing projects and performances of IAPAR.

We at IAPAR like to work with new as well as experienced practitioners. Participants will be selected based on their existing engagement, interest and demonstrable passion for theatre. Participant must have completed 10th grade exams to be eligible for the mentorship programme.

Applicants will be informed individually about their acceptance in the programme. There may be an interview round, if needed.

The mentorship programme will run from July 2019 to March 2020

PROGRAM FEE: Rs. 15,000/-

IAPAR Theatre Mentorship Programme 2019
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