Fish detective Interview
We hope you enjoyed today's video and learned just how nutritious seafood is.

For this exercise, we are inviting you to carry out an interview on a family member within your household. Try organise a time and place that suits everyone.

Ahead of the interview, please inform your family member that participation will take no more than 5 minutes and that you really appreciate their co-operation.

Read the questions to your subject and insert the answers below. Some questions are multiple choice so you will have to provide options.

The final two questions are to be answered by you and will not require your subject.

You can repeat this interview as many times as you like with different family members.

All the information collected below will be used to help make the ARC project bigger and better for everyone.
Who are you interviewing? *
What age is the subject you are interviewing? *
How often do you eat fish? *
Is there any seafood in your house right now and what is it? *
Have you ever eaten an oyster? *
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If you haven't tried an oyster, which of the following would convince you to try it? *
In a restaurant, how would you typically serve mussels? *
True or false 'Mussels contain more iron than beef' *
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Which of the following are an excellent source of omega 3 *
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Have you ever seen a fish farm in Ireland? If yes, where? *
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What would you say to someone who does not like fish? *
After watching the video, type below one interesting fact you learned about seafood today *
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