Dual Language Enrichment
Application for Participation of Native English-Speaking Students (Opt-In) Students in the Waxahachie ISD Two-Way Dual Language Enrichment Model

School Year 2019-2020

Application Process
1. Please submit this application to Waxahachie ISD online, by April 15, 2019.

2. Students who live within the school's attendance zone will be given first preference, with highest priority within that group given to students who have (first) older siblings in the DLE program and (second) older siblings enrolled in the school.

3. Students who live in attendance zones of other Waxahachie ISD schools MAY be allowed to participate, but only after all students living within the school's attendance zone and applying to be in the program have been placed, space permitting.

4. Students who transfer from another Dual Language program will be assessed and may be placed in a Dual Language classroom, space permitting.

5. A lottery will be utilized in the event that a greater number of students apply than Waxahachie ISD has the ability to accommodate.

6. You will be notified in writing (or by a phone call) of your child's status for the program (either accepted or on a waiting list).

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I understand that due to Waxahachie ISD attendance zones, I may have to provide transportation for my child to participate in the Dual Language Enrichment program.
Please respond to the following question in an essay type format. Why do you want your child to participate in the Waxahachie ISD Dual Language Program? What is the value of bilingualism? How will you support your child in the Dual Language Program?
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Please check each box applicable, to indicate that you have read and understood each statement in the application.
I am applying for my child to opt-in to the Two-Way Dual Language Enrichment program at either Dunaway Elementary or Wedgeworth Elementary and ...
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Waxahachie ISD has permission to assess my child's English language ability.
Waxahachie ISD personnel will use the Woodcock- Muñoz to assess your child's English. It is imperative that we pair our strong Spanish speakers with strong English speakers. They will schedule about 45 minutes for the test as well as allow time to meet with you and answer any questions.
I would prefer...
Submit Application to Waxahachie ISD by APRIL 15, 2019
You may submit your application online: varmstrong@tch.wisd.org

If you have any questions, please contact:
Viana Armstrong, Bilingual & ESL Coordinator, Waxahachie ISD
Phone: 972-923-4646 ext. 220

Lottery/Placement to occur by May 15, 2019. *Keep in mind that your child's placement will be pending bilingual student enrollment. Dual Language is our bilingual education model and English Learners are given first priority in the program.

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