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The Central Art Walk is interested in original artwork, created by the artist/artisan. Artists should live in the area between Victoria, Union, Weber and Park streets. Artists will open their homes/studios, and can bring in one or more guest artists.

Visit our website for updates, join our Facebook group, or follow us on twitter. Please send any inquires to kwcentralartwalk@gmail.com.

Website: www.centralartwalk.com
Twitter: @CentralArtWalk
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/CentralArtWalk
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/CentralArtWalk/
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Steps to Complete
Steps needed to complete the application and take part.
The following steps must be completed to be included in this year's event. All steps must be completed before the end of May (May 31). Check each one to show us you understand. *
This year's art walk is Sept. 30, and Oct. 1, 2023 (Saturday-Sunday)
Sept. 30, and Oct. 1, 2023
Are you a host or a guest of a host? *
Hosts will open their homes/studios to the public. They can be artists, and they can host other artists.
(For Guest artists) My Host is:
Host's Name. All guest artists should make sure their host knows about them.
Host's Art Walk Address *
Artist's Name *
What's your name?
Artist's studio name (optional)
If you have a studio and wish it to be named in the brochure, enter it here.
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Artist's Bio *
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I agree to the art walk Terms and Conditions *
By submitting this application, I affirm that submitted images are of my work exclusively. I understand that if I am accepted as participant in the Central Art Walk my cheque will be cashed and there is no refund for cancellations. I also understand it is my responsibility to be appropriately licensed, insured, and to make sure that the home in which I will be showing is safe.
Uploading JPG Files for the Brochure
Open this link in a new tab: https://bit.ly/3ur8nKp

These images will go directly into a Google Drive folder, and will be used for the brochure and the website. Please upload high quality images (i.e. greater than 150dpi) for printing. The images should represent your recent work (i.e. work completed this year, and which is available for sale).

Upload at least 2 images, and we'll choose the most appropriate one for the brochure. Please do not include any additional context for the image (e.g. no images of you holding a sculpture, or photos of a painting in a downtown gallery -- images should be cropped as close as possible to the actual art.

Additional images may be uploaded through the above link.

Try to keep the image size around 5MB or less.
Art Walk Fee
You have up until May 31 to submit your form and pay the fee. Cheques are preferred, and no cheques will be cashed until your submission and images are received.

Please view our payment page for information on how to pay:


***Absolutely no applications  will be accepted after May 31.***
The K-W Central Art Walk is a team effort. Artists that are accepted will be expected to do their part in distributing posters and brochures in a timely manner. We expect artists to also be involved in decisions regarding details of the art walk. We also expect artists to attend at least 2 meetings, one of which will be the follow-up in November so we can de-brief.
Door Prize Donation *
In addition to fees and participation, we request a small donation of artwork (~$20) for the many door prizes available on the art walk days. If you cannot donate a small artistic prize, consider a donation of ~$20 or a gift certificate of equal value. These prizes go a long way to motivating clients. If you select "Other," please tell us why you chose that option.
To help with the success of the art walk, I will help with *
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