2019 Cat Intake Application
1) We are located in Tempe, Arizona and cannot assist with out of state rescue OR transport.
2) There is a $35.00 intake fee that is due at the time of intake.
3) You must complete ONE APPLICATION PER PET that is being surrendered.
4) You will be contacted by email within 24-48 hours of submitting this application with the status of your application. We do not process same day intakes or handle emergency situations.

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Once you have completed this application, please send a photo of your pet to pic@lostourhome.org to complete your application. Please include your name, your cat's name, and specify that it is for the rescue/intake program. Your application will not be considered complete and will not be responded to until a photo is received.

Example: John Doe - Fido - Rescue/Intake Program

We will contact you as soon as possible upon receipt of the application.

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Breed of Cat: *
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How long have you owned this cat? *
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Reason for Surrendering *
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Does the cat have any history of biting or aggression? If yes, please describe: *
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How does the cat behave around other cats? *
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How does the cat behave around children? *
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Does the cat allow you to hold him/her? *
Does this cat like to be pet? *
Is this cat litter box trained? *
What is the cat's activity level? *
Has the cat been tested for FeLV/FIV? (must provide proof) *
What vaccinations has your cat received? You must be able to provide proof of vaccinations and testing upon cat intake. *
Has the cat been spayed/neutered? *
Does the cat have any medical issues, allergies, special dietary needs, etc? *
Was this cat previously adopted from another shelter or rescue? If so, which one? *
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Where does the cat primarily stay? *
Did you find this cat? If yes, how long ago and what were the circumstances? (e.g., where found, how long have you had it, etc.) *
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By what date do you need to re-home your cat? PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT PROVIDE SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS. *
Additional comments - Please include any additional information that would be useful to potential adopters:
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Are you a Military Veteran? *
Does your annual income fall under the Annual Income Poverty Guideline? NOTE: This information is for internal use only and will not be used to determine the intake of your animal(s). *
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How many people reside in your home? *
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How many people in your household are age 17 or younger? *
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Unless otherwise approved and/or discussed with LOH management, I understand that I MUST submit at least one full body photo of this dog to pic@lostourhome.org. If no photos are received, the application is not considered complete and Lost Our Home Pet Rescue will NOT contact me. *
I understand that after this application and a picture have been submitted to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, I will be contacted as soon as possible VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS I HAVE PROVIDED ABOVE (not by phone). Lost Our Home Pet Rescue will notify me by email if they are able to take my cat and will provide me with other resources if they cannot take in my cat. *
I certify that I am the owner/finder of the animal described above and if my animal is accepted for intake, I will transfer ownership of said animal to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, and relinquish all rights and privileges thereof. I understand that the animal will not be returned to me. *
By surrendering this pet, I understand that the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue becomes the legal owner of the animal and they may, at their discretion, elect to use the animal I am surrendering for media and/or publicity purposes. I also agree that I will not come back and visit my pet because it causes the pet undo stress. *
I understand there is a $35 fee for each cat I surrender to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. *
STAFF ONLY: Reason for Surrender
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