Weekly Practice Journal - 4th Period Concert Band
Reflect of your weeks practice, be honest, be specific, use complete sentences academic and musical language please. Minimum credit = 3 days a week for 30 minutes each day
Marching Season
For the most of the parades we will be performing Rough Riders, we will learn pep tunes and other music for the CHS football game, and for the Christmas parade we will learn Holidays on Parade. Please listen to the music and play along while you practice.

Marching Events:
Fresno Fair Parade - Oct 3 - Competitive Parade (only 0 period kids)
Fowler Parade - Oct 13 - Competitive Parade (only 0 period kids)
CHS Football Game - Oct 19 - EVERYONE
Red Ribbon Parade - Oct 24 - EVERYONE
Selma Parade - Oct 27 - Competitive Parade (only 0 period kids)
CUSD Band Night - Nov 14 - EVERYONE
Chirstmas Electric Light Parade - Dec 1 - EVERYONE

Concert Pieces
Concert Events:
Winter Concert - Dec 11 - EVERYONE
Jingle Bell Polka
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