Social Learning Relay # 3 CrowdFunding
Apply here for the Social Learning Relay "Far beyond funding: unlocking the full potential of crowdfunding for social entrepreneurs and communities".

The Social Learning Relay is an innovative learning journey that combines on and offline learning during a period of five weeks. Part of the programme is a full day workshop held on Sept 21st 2018 in London, UK. Participation is free of charge, but we do work with an application procedure to ensure a good match between the projects that participants bring in and the content and format of the relay.

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The relay is organised by Young Foundation, SIX and DRIFT as part of the Social Innovation Community (SIC). SIC is a Horizon 2020 Programme funded project, and run by a consortium of 12 leading organisations across Europe.

Personal Information
The personal information we collect via this application form is exclusively used to be able to communicate with you about the relay before and during the relay period and to get a sense of the institutional/organisational diversity you bring into the group. The information will not be shared beyond the organising team.
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Open questions
The information you provide in this part of the form will be used to asses whether there is a good match between your project, expectations and learning needs and the content and format of the relay. We will be able to confirm your participation on this bases. We will also use the information to fine tune the content and format of the relay.
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Please provide a short paragraph (max 100 words) in which you briefly tell us about what drives you in your work and what you are currently working on.
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please provide an answer in 2-3 sentences and add a sentence on what you think you can contribute to your peers during the SIC Relay Challenge
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If applicable - Simulating a tweet, define in 140 characters your social innovation idea/project you want to design a crowdfunding campaign for. *
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If applicable - Who are /will be the members of your crowdfunding campaign team and their areas of expertise & experience? *
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