LYFE (Live Your Future Experience): Student Survey
We are LYFE, a social enterprise aiming to ensure high school students make informed decisions before choosing university degrees or career pathways. Please fill in the survey and tell us what you are thinking/what you want more from career choice help/opportunities. Thank you!
What year of high school are you in currently? *
What pathway do you want to pursue after High School? *
Do you have any career goals/ideas in mind for your future? *
How did you find out about the career pathway/s you're interested in? *
Have you had any opportunities to interact/experience the career pathway you're interested in? *
If 'YES', what kind of interaction/experience was this? *
Do you need/want more information/help on career choices and more opportunities to know about them? *
Would you be interested in a 2 week 'micro-internship' (on an area you want to find out) during the school summer holidays if it was available? *
What kind of skills or experience would you want to gain from this 'micro-internship'? *
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If you have interests about the 'micro-internship' along with the workshops, please put down your contact details (email/phone) and we will keep you up-to-date.
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Thank you for your time! If you would like to be in a pool to win $10 Moustache voucher , please drop down your email and good luck!
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