Alaska Farmers Markets - 2018 Market Survey
Hi Alaska Farmers Market Managers and Organizers! We are teaming up with the Alaska Division of Agriculture to get your market information updated.

The Division of Ag will use this information to help inform planning around Alaska Grown materials, market visits and promotions, and more.

The newly formed Alaska Farmers Market Association will be promoting your market in a number of ways including
collective advertising & campaigns aimed at encouraging support of local products and farmers

Please be sure to indicate that you would like to join the AFMA and we will send more details, outlining all the ways we plan to support markets financially (education and advertising grants), education and planning tools, and more.

Deadline: Monday, April 16th (for updated information in AFMA printed materials);
Monday, May 15th for AK Division of Agriculture, and other uses

If you want your correct information in printed guides, please answer all questions!

This survey should take about 10-15 minutes

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Market Manager
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Are the people that help you at the market
Does your market have a governing body like a Board of Directors or a market committee?
Who makes decisions for the market?
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Does your market have a sponsor or parent organization?
Who does your market receive financial support from?
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Who manages your market's finances?
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Does your market accept the following
How many vendors accept food assistance redemptions?
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Do you know that you can accept SNAP Quest Cards at your market?
Number of produce growers
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Number of seafood vendors
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Number of crafters
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