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Submit your event to this form to be included in a weekly virtual book/writing event roundup newsletter. The email will be sent out on Sunday, so please submit at least one week in advance. Anyone can submit events at any time. I reserve the right to not include events at my discretion.

Events must:
◉ be live
◉ be open to the public without a membership requirement. If there is a price for members and non-members, the non-member price will be listed.
◉ target audience must be or include adults
◉ focus on a book, books, or writing

◉ Twitter chats are excluded
◉ Clubhouse events and Twitter Spaces (and similar) chats are excluded
◉ The opening of contest entries or the opening of registration are not considered events

📢📢📢IF THE EMAIL HAS ALREADY BEEN SENT FOR YOUR DATE: I will not be adding to the list after it has posted. Please comment on the post with a link and info about your event instead.

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Is the event's audience primarily: *
A writing workshop or discussion of the industry would be for writers whereas a book launch party or author panel would probably be for readers.
What is the date of the event? *
***IF THE NEWSLETTER HAS ALREADY BEEN SENT, the event will not be added. If it is a multi-day event, please list the first day. If it is a multi-week event (e.g. a weekly series) please enter each event separately.
What time does the event start? (in Eastern) *
What is the title of the event? *
Hint: Since there is no description, you may want to put a little more info in the title than you normally would. e.g. instead of "Keeping Her Secret launch party" you might want to put "Launch Party for Sarah Nicolas's YA Romance KEEPING HER SECRET." Please use all caps for book titles since this form will strip your formatting. DO NOT all caps anything else. Including a category/genre helps attract readers
Where is a link where someone can get more info about the event? *
Events will not be added without a valid link. The link can be as simple as a blog post, tweet, or facebook event but it must be specifically about the event. A zoom landing page with no description is not valid; links to an organization's homepage or instagram/fb account rather than a specific event link are not valid -- these will be deleted without being added.
How much does the event cost? *
IF THERE IS A DIFFERENT PRICE FOR MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS, the non-member price will be listed!
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