I have completed masks to give (thank you!)
In order to make it safer and easier to distribute masks, if possible, please bag 1 mask per bag (sandwich bags preferred). If you do not have sandwich bags, no problem, please bag however you are able. Other volunteers will be able to bag upon receipt. If you are a regulator donator and would like sandwich bags sent to you, just email us at sewfacemasks@gmail.com and we will try to ship some to you.**

We currently offer the following options to receive masks:
(1) Weekly local pickup within our coverage area, roughly weekly: https://www.sewfacemasksphilly.com/coveragearea
(2) Mail or drop off directly to us (please reply to the confirmation email for the address)
(3) Deliver to a nearby drop-off location (we are actively looking for reliable locations as places reopen!)
(4) Deliver directly to an organization (in select cases, based on your proximity and type of masks you've made, and type of masks needed - it's a perfect match! - and we may reach out to see if you'd be willing to do this).

After submitting this form, we will reach out to you to establish a pickup time, or offer these alternatives. Please give us 48-72 hours to reach out; our organizational team is all volunteers with full-time jobs, so we appreciate your patience!

**Please only submit this form if your masks are ready for pickup/delivery!**

-- Any pattern 2 or 3 layer mask.
-- 100% cotton (our large-scale effort relies on a certain level of consistency and an open-source approach, as well as adherence to local health guidelines -- therefore, for our efforts, we prefer masks not contain sewn-in or fusible interfacing, medical fabrics, polyester, rayon, flannel, fleece, wool, synthetic fibers, etc.). If you wish to include an inner NWPP layer, it should be included as a removable insert. One of the layers can be silk, provided the other(s) is 100% cotton.
-- Ties can be made of out of t shirt yarn (cotton or cotton/polyester blends), elastic, twill, paracord, and other options.
-- All edges should be finished with no fraying; all strings trimmed.
-- Only from non-smoking homes, please.

-- Wear a mask while making and handling masks.
-- Wash hands thoroughly before handling masks.
-- Do not keep food or drink near the work area.
- Wash and dry your masks before bagging them.
-- If you do not have a washer, you can boil them in a pot for 10 minutes and then hang dry.
-- Ironing is preferred, however optional.
-- Place each mask into a plastic bag (ziploc, grocery, trash bag) and seal the bag.
-- If individual bagging is not possible, placing all into one bag is acceptable.
-- Wipe down the outside of the bag with a disinfectant (e.g. 1 part bleach to 9 parts water)
-- Applicable to pickups: Prior to the arrival of the driver, place the bag outside the front door.

Before masks are picked up, if you could post (including giving a shoutout to your neighborhood!) pictures to our facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SewAgainstCovidPHL/), tag us in a picture on social media, or email (sewfacemasks@gmail.com) pictures we can use- it would boost morale and we would appreciate it!

If you haven't visited our website in awhile, please check it out! This is the central spot for all of our information: http://www.sewfacemasksphilly.com/maskpatterns

*By submitting this form, you also agree to receiving our Newsletter, which will include occasional care and safety updates.*

Thank you for being part of this effort!
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Would you be interested in posting a pre-pickup Facebook photo of your finished masks? We'd love to see your work and this boosts community morale and momentum! In the post, please state your neighborhood and that these are your finished products going to Sew Face Masks Philadelphia for distribution. *
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