FreakHound Studios Fursuit Submission Form
- Padding! ALL the padding! digitigrade, booty, arms, neck, chest.
- Classic toony eyes, following eyes, kemono eyes!
- Crazy colors, some colors may need to be shifted or substituted but you will be contacted in this case.
- Insane designs (this WILL raise the price mind you)
- Attached parts, snap tape parts, separate parts
- Indoor or outdoor feet
- Shoes or slipper feet
- Stuffed paws!
- Minor props?

I DON'T do
- Muscle padding or breasts
- Realistic eyes
- Large resin parts
- SPHs
- Extensive airbrushing
- Wigs
- "Plush" suits

Pricing and Payment
- Do expect to pay around $3,000+ USD for a full fursuit
- You must pay off your commission price 100% (NOT including shipping) before your commission start date.
- Shipping is NOT included in the quote. Shipping rates are subject to change (out of my control) , so you will be given a shipping quote upon completion.
- Shipping is from New Zealand and can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to arrive (shipping time subject to change depending on receiver's customs HQ)
- I DO require 30% non refundable downpayment in order to order supplies before hand, and in preparation to start work on your fursuit on the 1st of YOUR month ;)
- If you need to cancel your commission and have partially paid or fully paid, you will be refunded in full from what you have paid (NOT including the 30% downpayment)
- The only case where you may not be refunded in full is if you need to cancel 10 days before your commission start date (I have rent to pay)

Contact Email *
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SEPTEMBER SLOT: can you pay 100% of the suit off BEFORE September 1st? (Around $3,000+ USD), as well as make and ship a DTD on or before August 20th? *
Can you download and use the application "Telegram" in order to provide quick and clear answers to questions I may have in regards to bringing YOUR character to life? *
Please provide a link to your SFW reference artwork *
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Can you construct and ship a DTD (duct tape dummy to New Zealand?) 2 weeks before your start date? *
Which type of padding are you interested in? Select all you want *
Front or back zipper? *
What type of eyes do you want? *
Attached or separate "parts". Choose all you wish to incorporate *
Indoor or Outdoor feet paws? *
Shoe or Slipper style feet paws? Please include your size in US Mens or US Womens *
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Basic or Stuffed Hand Paws *
Any props? (nose rings, earrings, etc.)
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Any extra features such as wings, horns, spikes, etc?
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Do you trust me to select areas of short and long fur if colors are available? *
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