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Thank you for your interest in joining Recrear as a board member.

Recrear’s board of directors acts as group of advisors that promotes lateral thinking, the sensing of opportunities, and experimentation. Ultimately, the board collaborates with the core teams in making strategic decisions.

The way these decisions are taken is by collectively inquiring into questions that we are posing at all levels of our organisation

Our board is relationship-driven, based on open and intimate relationships. We understand that board members are volunteering their time and we we believe that being part of the board should be based on reciprocity.

By being part of Recrear’s board you will have the opportunity to develop organisational, participatory action research and strategic thinking skills.

Board and teams work together to think through our emerging questions, which get discussed in bi-monthly meetings. One of the directors, on a rotating basis, takes care of organizing these meetings.

Recrear’s board is composed of 5-7 members. As per our constitution, 50% of our board members are under 30.

We understand there might be fluidity over time between team members and board members: a board member might become a team member later on, and vice versa.

Board members are expected to volunteer between 5 and 8 hours a month.

We look forward to engaging people who:
- Have participated in our programs;
- Have experience in different context/countries;
- Represent different perspectives and represent a diversity of experiences and background;
- Have expertise that can support us in a specific moment of our organizational life.

Thank you for your application!

If you have any questions, contact us at

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