Market Survey for "Adventurers"
As students at the Ivey Business School in London Ontario, we are currently conducting research to gauge interest in products relating to Lyme disease/ticks.

Would you consider yourself an outdoor "adventurer"? Do you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, boating activities, hunting, gardening, or fishing? Please take a few moments to complete our quick survey.
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Would you consider yourself to be an outdoor hobby enthusiast? (actively enjoy activities such as camping, hiking, boating activities, gardening hunting, fishing, etc.) *
Please tell us your approximate age (to be used for demographic information). *
How would you rate your fear of ticks (including Deer Ticks)/the potential for tick bites while enjoying the outdoors? *
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Most fearful
Are you aware of the increase in diagnosed Lyme disease cases in Canada? *
What steps do you currently take to prevent tick bites/the contraction of Lyme disease? (please check all that apply) *
Our Product:
Our proposed product would provide consumers with peace-of-mind in the case of a tick bite and direct steps for appropriate antibiotic treatment to immediately combat symptoms of Lyme disease if contracted. This device would be included in a kit that could be taken on outdoor activities and would include removal gloves and tools, tick storage container, and the testing apparatus.
Would you be interested in a product (as described above) that could test a tick for Lyme disease and produce immediate results (similar to the process of a pregnancy test)? *
If you responded "Yes", how much would you be willing to pay?
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If you responded "No", "Maybe", or "Other", please tell us why:
What would your dream solution to the problem of Lyme disease/ticks include? *
Do you have any experiences with Lyme disease/ticks that you would like to share?
If you are comfortable with us contacting you to further understand our target consumer, please provide us with your email address:
Thank you for completing our survey.
Your feedback is extremely valuable in developing our understanding of this problem and potential solutions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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