National Cattlemen's Beef Association Death Tax Survey
The Death Tax is in direct conflict with the desire to preserve and protect our nation’s family-owned farms and ranches. This survey has been designed to evaluate the impact of the death tax on the U.S. livestock industry. Please know that should you choose to participate in this survey, your responses will be kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Beck at
1. Is farming/ranching your principal occupation?
2. Is your operation a family-owned enterprise?
3. If you answered yes to the previous question, which generation of agricultural operators do you consider yourself to be?
4. What is your legal form of business?
5. Please select the NCBA region in which your agricultural operation is primarily located:
6. Please select your age group:
7. Do you have adult children?
8. If you have adult children, which of the following best describes your situation?
9. Have you prepared a succession plan or a plan to transition to retirement?
10. Please estimate the annual amount in financial resources you have previously allocated for estate planning:
11. When you retire from the enterprise, is it your desire to:
12. When do you intend to transition out of the enterprise?
13. What do you anticipate will happen to your operation once you retire?
14. Within your family or your farming enterprise, have you previously been impacted by the federal estate tax?
15. If yes, how many times?
16. Does your operation also face a state-level estate/inheritance tax?
17. Has your family used 2032(A) special land use valuation in the past?
18. What other estate planning methods has your family used?
19. What is the most important change/carry over to the estate/gift tax for your operation?
20. If your family has been personally impacted by the death tax and you are willing to share your story with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, please include your contact information (name, email address and/or telephone number) in the comment box below.
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