AAF Dallas 2020 Suits Awards Nomination
AAF Dallas is excited to present the 2020 Suits Awards, selecting and honoring ambassadors of creative work who, in the past, have gone unrecognized during the Creative Awards Season. They put in the work behind the great work in the advertising industry. These unsung heroes and heroines have toiled behind the scenes. We think it's time we recognize those who support great creative.

There are 9 categories we're recognizing for the 2020 Award Season:

- Client of the Year: Without a client putting their money and reputation on the line, advertising wouldn't exist. Without a client to green light it, our work is creativity hovering in search of a place to land. You can honor those clients who have believed in you, your work, your agency and put their checkbook and reputation on the line to prove it.

- Creative Production Partner of the Year: Anyone involved in the behind-the-scenes work who has gone above and beyond to help create great advertising but would not be recognized by winning a traditional ADDY Award is now eligible.

- Agency Media Strategist/Planner of the Year: No matter how great the creative may be, if it's not seen, it can't be successful. These individuals are the delivery drivers who make sure that the creative product gets seen.

- Agency Media Buyer/Investor of the Year: The enormous ecosystem of data has turned a media buyer's role into a sophisticated and analytical one informed by real time statistics about behavior and consumption. The person who can keep up with the ever-changing industry should be nominated.

- Agency Account Executive of The Year: Know an AE-MVP? They can be any account executive at ANY level from Jr. AE to Head of Account Management who has taken a project or projects to a higher level. Someone has put him or herself in the direct line of fire to protect, preserve or propel any ad, campaign or project.

- Media Sales Rep of the Year: They bring marketplace knowledge, insight and ideas as well as collaborate with an advertiser and their agency to ensure the message is in front of the right people at a fair price. As a partner and a resource for the agency and client, media sales reps have been silent contributors to the creative process.

- Agency Support of the Year: That person you can't live without. The assistant, the receptionist, the intern, the generous benefactor, the wise sage who consults and gets you through the murky times. The silent MVP.

-NEW! Educator of the Year: This person is molding the the future of this industry through their countless hours in and out of the classroom and inspiring their students to be prepared for our crazy and beloved industry.

-NEW! Young Professional of the Year: This person is a young professional (32 and under) who is an outstanding advertising professional. They are moving the industry forward with their bright ideas and passionate energy. In other words, this person is the one that is most likely to be your boss in 10 years.

If you know a professional who deserves to be recognized for the contributions they are making in the advertising and marketing industry in Dallas, nominate them today!

Finalists for each category will be notified sometime after the week of January 27th, 2020 and winners will be announced and will receive their award at our ADDYs Gala on February 27th.
Friday, January 17th at 11:59 PM CST
To nominate, simply fill out this form with the top reason your nominee deserves a Suits award.

We ask for contact information for your candidate, yourself and any PR contacts (if applicable) for the nominee. Honorees must work at a Dallas-based company or branch. It is FREE to nominate and you may nominate more than one person.

Deadline for nominations is Friday, January 17th at 11:59 PM CST
AAF Dallas Executive Board will review all the submissions and determine a recipient for each category.
Finalists and Winners:
Finalists for each category will be notified the week of January 27th and winners will be announced and will receive their award at our ADDYs Gala on February 27th.
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