FHSD Website Accessibility Claim Form
Who may file a claim?

A student, parent, staff member, or member of the public may file a complaint or grievance.

How is a claim submitted?
The individual may submit a claim directly to a school administrator or to the school or District webmaster.

Claims may also be submitted orally or in writing, via email, or by completing the FHSD Web Accessibility Claim Form below.

What information should be included in a written complaint?
A complaint or grievance regarding the inaccessibility of the District’s public website content should contain the following information:

Your name
Your address
Your contact information (email and telephone number)
The date of the claim
A description of the problem encountered
The URL (web address) or location of the problem page
Solution desired

For your convenience, you may use the following form below to submit your claim.
Email Address *
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Date of Claim *
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Phone Number *
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URL of Resource (the web address of the page with the problem content) *
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Solution Desired (let us know how we can fix the problem or provide you with information in a different format) *
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