LIFEBIRD Volunteer Moderator Application
Application to become an official volunteer moderator for LIFEBIRDTOKEN's social media platforms.

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Your Responsibilities :
As a volunteer Moderator, you are expected to help us monitor LIFEBIRDToken's social platforms to accurately answer questions, share user concerns, and to also directly report misbehaving users to the Outpost Community Managers. You will have access to the Moderator Chat in the TG to directly communicate with the Community Managers. You are expected to maintain a positive, fair, and consistent presence across LIFEBIRD Social Platforms. If you think you have the qualities of an excellent Moderator, then please fill out this application and the Community Managers will look it over. Fear not, we'll still be monitoring things too so you do not need to be available all the time, just frequently enough so that the community feels acknowledged.
Scope of Powers
Volunteer Moderators are expected to flag misbehaving users and mute them. The Community Managers will regularly review reports from Moderators and communicate decisions on bans. We appreciate your help in keeping the community friendly and inclusive.
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What do you believe is the most important area to manage in the LIFEBIRD community and why? *
How long can you commit to being a Volunteer Moderator for us? This includes answering user questions accurately, sharing user concerns, and reporting misbehaving users to the Community Managers. You will need to monitor Telegram, Twitter and potentially the reddit and other Groups as well. *
Do you have any prior Moderating or Community experience? Ex: Twitter mod, Forum mod, Telegram mod etc. (leave blank if you have no relevant experience)
Why do you think you'll be an effective Volunteer Moderator? *
I understand that I am not an official employee of the LIFEBIRD's Developers team and that Dev team reserves the right to revoke my Moderator privileges at any time.
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Congratulations!  You've completed the application to become a LIFEBIRDTOKEN Moderator.
The Community Managers will make a public announcement on the LIFEBIRD Social Media (Twitter, Telegram) once we have selected the Volunteer Moderators. Applications will be closed after that announcement until we make another post later asking for additional Moderators.

If you are selected as a potential candidate, you can expect an email from one of our Community Managers. We may have follow-up questions or request a brief Telegram/Twitter interview with you. If you pass our selection process, you will then be asked to review a comprehensive responsibilities document and sign a formal agreement with LIFEBIRDTOKEN Developers.

LIFEBIRDTOKEN Dev Team can only accept a handful of Volunteer Moderators so rest assured that we value all members of the community equally and you are more than welcome to apply again in the future if we open applications again. On behalf of LIFEBIRDTOKEN, thank you for taking the time to help support LIFEBIRD community! We hope you all continue to have a wonderful time.
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