Workshop with Jean Richardson, CNWI
Dates:Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9, 2019
Times: 9am to 5pm, both days
Location: Zinn Dog Training K9 Nose Work® Center
12200 West 52nd Avenue, Unit 6
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Jean Richardson, CNWI has been an integral part of NACSW and the K9 Nose Work® training and trial community since her start as a competitor in 2011. Through her passion and dedication to the sport of nose work, she has developed a large, steadfast, and still growing, NACSW community in the Pacific Northwest and along the Central Coast of Oregon. Because she is personally involved in training and competing with her own dogs (from ORT to Elite), she understands the handler perspective of nose work with a view down the leash and has become very astute at READING a dog's searching behaviors and articulating for handlers the key components to better understand and read our dog's while we search.

In this workshop, her focused coaching will be tailored to each individual team. She will observe both dog and handler during the search and offer coaching to improve both handler observation skills and leash work. This includes how we can be a neutral and supportive team member while letting our dogs work and problem solve the odor puzzle to source in every search.

Jean’s experience as a Certifying Official will also help teams recognize common handling missteps that occur at trials and create a stronger team when the pressure is on.

So, if you are interested in improving your leash handling skills, reading your dog’s communication, or just becoming an all-around better team mate, then this weekend with Jean is for you!

This weekend will focus on two topics:

Saturday – How to READ your nose work dog while searching
Sunday – Leash Handling skills and how to improve you team communication
Both Saturday and Sunday workshops will consist of lecture, discussion and live demonstrations. Working teams will be used to demonstrate the concepts covered during the lectures. Teams of all skill levels are welcome, provided the dog is working on odor. Searches and strategies will be tailored to the level of the working teams.

Working spots for this workshop are to provide handlers with an opportunity to focus on learning with their own dog and increase and enrich that learning by observing other dogs. We ask all working teams to commit to attend this workshop both days with an audit spot on the day you are not working your dog. This will build continuity in your experience and allow Jean to smoothly apply topics covered on Saturday to working teams on Sunday, if necessary. Saturday’s working teams will also benefit from seeing new ideas and their application to other working teams. Additionally, professional quality video will be taken of each run and provided free-of-charge to each team. 10 working spots will be offered each day. All spots will be chosen by lottery.

Auditing spots will be limited to 30. For those that audit both Saturday and Sunday, I will be raffling off several prizes including private sessions with some of our top local instructors, and a guaranteed working spot for a future seminar. Never underestimate the benefit of auditing, and don't miss this opportunity to learn from this amazing instructor!

Saturday, June 8th
How to READ your dog while searching- improving your handler observation skills
Sunday, June 9th
Leash Handling Skills - how to improve your team communication on and/or off leash

Workshop Fees:
Saturday or Sunday working spot and audit the other day:
Early bird registration (before 4/15/19) = $225
After 4/15/19 = $250

Audit both Saturday and Sunday:
Early bird registration (before 4/15/19) = $150
After 4/15/19 = $175

Audit either Saturday or Sunday:
Early bird registration (before 4/15/19) = $90
After 4/15/19 = $115

Refund/Cancellation Policy
A full refund minus a $50 processing fee will be given if cancellation is received at least 30 days prior to the date of the workshop. Half of payment minus $50 processing fee will be refunded if cancelled between 29 and 7 days prior to event. No refund will be given less than 7 days before the event. Please note that all cancellations must be received in writing. If the minimum attendance is not reached and the workshop must be canceled, all registered participants will receive a full refund.

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