EPIP Bay Area | Foundations & Advocacy 101
Please fill out this survey if you are planning to attend this workshop.
1) Which advocacy activities have you engaged in? Please think of activities in both your personal and professional life, and activities at the local, state, and federal level. Also, please think of activities that are related to influencing all kinds of public policy (laws, regulations, agency policies, etc). *
2) If you checked off anything in the list above, what issues have you/your foundation advocated for? (If possible, please be specific.)
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3) What kind of philanthropic organization are you affiliated with? *
4) If a grantee tells you, “Our organization just created an affiliated 501(c)(4),” do you know what they mean? *
5) If a grantee tells you, “Our organization uses the 501(h) expenditure test,” do you know what they mean? *
6) Are you familiar with the difference between “advocacy” and “lobbying”? *
7) What questions or concerns do you have about engaging in or funding advocacy?
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8) What questions or concerns about engaging in or funding advocacy have you heard from grantees, staff/trustees, or donors?
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9) Is there anything else you hope to learn about engaging in and funding advocacy?
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10) Your name and foundation (optional):
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