Goochland Democratic Committee (GDC) Membership Application (2017-2019)
Thank you for your interest in becoming a GDC member!

Every two years, local Democratic committees in Virginia reorganize in accordance with the Democratic Party of Virginia reorganization plan. This includes committee members re-applying for new membership and electing new leadership.

The GDC's reorganization meeting is January 20, 2018. This form is our online membership application. If you wish to fill out a paper application, please visit here: and scroll down to the bottom of our homepage.

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I, the undersigned, declare my participation in the Goochland County Democratic Committee. By completing this form, I certify that: *
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Our committee is driven by its members. To elect Democratic candidates with Democratic values, we need your help.
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Next Steps
Upon submission, your application will be filed with a GDC officer to be presented at the next GDC meeting for approval.
Membership Donation
Our suggested donation is $20. You can donate online at our ActBlue link. You may also mail a check payable to the Goochland Democratic Committee to P.O. Box 125, Goochland, VA 23063.

NOTE: Donations are optional and are not required for committee membership.

ActBlue link:
If link does not work, you can cut and paste the URL or just go to the website and click the button on our Homepage.

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