Rails Girls Wellington Coach Volunteer Application
Thanks for your interest in helping us! The next Rails Girls Wellington event is 28-29 Oct. More details: http://railsgirls.com/wellington

This time around we're spicing the event up a bit by going one step further and taking our attendees to the next level. Our idea for this edition is to aim at not-so-noob girls, girls who may have attended a Rails Girls event before, and build up on their pre-existing Rails knowledge.

We still want a range of backgrounds and expertise levels and also to give a chance to some new comers to teach because teaching is a great way of learning :) . Come join us and refresh your own knowledge!

Applications close 11pm 15 October, and coaches will be notified in the following week. Thank you!!!

Your October 2017 RGWgtn Organisers,
Gisela, Jevon, Lena, Serena & Tania

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Where do you work?
If you are currently employed
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Have you coached with us before? *
Or with another Rails Girls event
If you have done any Rails Girls coaching, where was it?
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Do you have any other teaching or coaching experience?
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Which day(s) would you like to be a coach?
This will be a two day event. The second day is shorter to reduce the stress of the weekend. Preference will be given to coaches who can help with both days
Would you be interested in leading a 2-3 hour themed workshop on one of the days? *
How would you rate your Ruby skills?
Excellent - I've submitted patches to the Ruby project
How would you rate your Ruby on Rails skills?
Excellent - Rails is second nature to me
How would you rate your front-end skills?
Excellent - I do all the things and dream about CSS & Javascript
How would you rate your Git skills?
Excellent - I use it every day
How would you rate your DevOps skills?
Excellent - I know all the things about AWS, Heroku, Azure... you name it!
Could you help attendees with Rails issues on any of these platforms?
Twitter Handle
If you would like it published on railsgirls.com/wellington
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Do you have any dietary requirements?
Do you have any other requirements that would make this event more accessible for you?
The venue is accessible by lift, but there is no on-site parking available for the event. Please let us know in advance if we need to make any special arrangements.
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Quick Bio!
Tell us a bit about yourself (e.g. I'm Dawn, full stack dev and I love helping others learn)
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Why do you want to be a coach?
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Have you read and agreed to this code of conduct? *
All attendees, coaches and sponsors must agree in order to attend: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EiTZ-__VDuXpN1OqgVKnYr2Km_N3fD9WWN3g5cv5hAA/edit?usp=sharing
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