Sweater Weather Fan Club: Crowdsourcing a Music Video
We love the fall. It's the best. We love it so much that a mere audio celebration seems paltry and insufficient, which is why we want to make this an audio-visual ode to autumn ----- a music video! We could hire a professional and schedule a shoot, but what fun is that (it's totally a lot of fun, actually, it's just super expensive and we can't justify the cost). So this time, we want your help.

On October 21st we're getting together in beautiful Michigan, and we'll be shooting footage for a music video with smartphones ---- lots of them. Lots of different angles, lots of different editing options. Lots of beautiful faces, lots of scenic vistas, some singing and dancing, and of course, babies. Because everything we do these days includes babies. After that, we'll cut it all together. "Well, neat," you say, "but how can I get involved?"

Here's how you can get involved.

Between now and November 15, do the following things:

1). If you don't have the song already, download it for FREE at the bottom of this page. Also, check out the lyrics so you can sing along!
2). Fill out this form and share an email address where we can send you an invitation to a shared iCloud Photo Album or DropBox folder called "Sweater Weather Vids."
3). Accept our invitation!
4). Review the "Best Practices for Shooting an Awesome Video" at the bottom of this page.
5). Take some Sweater Weather videos; you can shoot B-roll of beautiful fall scenes you stumble upon, people in excellent sweaters, dogs/kids frolicking in leaf piles if your leaves are ahead of schedule, friends picking apples or pumpkins, relatives sipping on cider, bonfires, s'mores, or whatever, OR you can shoot vids of you, your friends, your kids, or your friends' kids singing/rapping/dancing along to part or all of the song.
6). Share the videos to the iCloud Photo Album or DropBox folder.
7). If you want to share the videos on social media, go right ahead. Use #sweaterweatherfanclub #cardcarryingmember and check out what other people are contributing. But you don't need to share it on social media. That's your call.
8). Delete the video from your device ---- no need for us to clutter your space!
9). Wait. It will probably take a few weeks for us to get it all edited together. We might make a few versions if we get a lot of great submissions. And since you'll have access to all the raw footage, too, you can make your own video if you just can't wait for us. But who has the time for that! We're aiming to release the Final Cut in time for you to view with your family at Thanksgiving because "who can say no to November?!"
10). Enjoy.

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