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10 virtual workshops “Covid19 Wellness Series” presented by V Serve Canada and ARRA Arts in collaboration with Trillium Health Partners.
Watch them streamed by ATN, Y Media, Prime TV Asia & Parvasi Media & posted in V Serve Canada You Tube and Facebook in November 2020.
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Covid19 Wellness Series
COVID-19 Wellness Series
Watch the Workshops -October 10 to November 20 - YouTube
Upcoming Workshops
November 28, 2020 7PM (EST)
Let’s Talk Wellness - Sheetal Tewari, Meditation Workshop Live from the Foothills of Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India

November 27, 2020 7PM (EST)
Let’s Talk Wellness - Sana Motlekar, Registered Dietitian /Nutritionist

November 26, 2020 7PM (EST)
Let’s Talk Wellness - Ruby Shah, Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist,Trillium Health Partners

November 25, 2020 7PM (EST)
Let’s Talk Now - Dr. Dawe, Program Chief and Medical Director, Trillium Health Partners

November 18-19, 2020
Let’s Talk Health - Dr. Jaya Chanchlani & Dr. Tina Chanchlani
General Medicine Practice/Family Physician/Walk In

November 12, 2020
Let’s Talk Wellness - Carole Sander, Mental Health, Trillium Health Partners

November 11, 2020
Let’s Talk Health - Dr. Tripti Papneja, Specialist, Rheumatology Let’s Talk Health - Dr. Netee Papneja, Specialist, Endocrinology

November 5, 2020
Let’s Talk Wellness – Hilda Chmait, Occupational Therapist, Credit Valley Hospital

November 4, 2020
Let’s Talk Health - Dr. Ganesh Subramanian, Specialist, Respirology & Sleep Medicine

October10, 2020
Let’s Talk Wellness – Yoga with Pooja Batra, Celebrity Yoga Expert
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