FOSSed Registration 2017
Hi! We're really excited about FOSSed 2017 and we're also excited that you'll be joining us! This registration page is just the start for a great conference! Using this form please provide us with the necessary information to process your registration. For the address section, please enter the address of the entity responsible for payment. If it is the business office of your school or district please use that information....if it is just you personally...please enter your own address. There are two additional options this year with regard to rooms. The Early Arrival Option...arrive Tuesday night before the provided and Single Room Option for those who'd really rather have a single room (as opposed to a double). Single rooms are limited so first come, first serve. Under payment information, please indicate your payment method. If you wish to use a PO please provide the PO #, but if you do not have problem...send it to us once you do. If you wish to pay by credit card, we will send you a secure link that will take you to the page for that secure transaction. If you have any questions...let us know at
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Please enter the billing entity responsible for payment...if paying personally...skip this one
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Here you should indicate what type of registration, day participant (lunch/snacks only) or on-campus (all meals and room) or early arrival on-campus (arrive the night before room included)
Do you wish to take advantage of the early arrival option AND/OR single room option? [arrive the night before - room provided / have a single room as opposed to a double (limited singles...first come first serve)]
If you wish to have a room on Tuesday night or a single room please indicate here.
Payment method *
Indicate your payment method here (credit card, purchase order, check)
If you chose PO please indicate the PO number
Please enter the PO # below (if you have it). Do NOT let this keep you from registering, simply send us your PO number when you get it.
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