Meigs County School System 2020-2021 Parent Survey
Dear Parents/Guardians
Please complete one survey per each child before March 9, 2021. This survey will allow us to use data collected in educational and program planning. Thank you for your support and if you have any question please contact your school principal or Renae Martin at the Meigs County Department of Education 423-334-5793.
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I feel welcome at my child's school.
My child feels safe at school.
There is an adult at the school whom my child trusts and can go to for help with school problems.
My child's school holds high expectations for academic achievement.
Teachers are positive about students and the school.
School personnel encourage me to participate in my child's education.
School staff maintains consistent discipline which is beneficial to learning.
My child's teacher provides sufficient and appropriate information regarding my child's academic progress.
The school staff employs various instructional methods and strategies to meet my child's needs
The school provided sufficient notifications regarding COVID-19/COVID-19 guidelines.
ROAR/Remote provided a sound educational opportunity for my child.
Do you access "Parent Vue"? *
Do you check the County/School web site for information? *
Do you follow the Meigs County School's Facebook Page? *
Are you interested in parent technology training? *
If you know the technology training needed please specify.
What is the best way for your child's school or teacher to get information to you about your child's education? *
Rate 1-5 1 = Best way to communicate information about your child’s education
Paper sent home with child
Parent/Teacher Conference
Class Dojo or Remind App
If you were ROAR or Remote, did you have adequate internet connection?
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