PRS: Form & Function: June 25, 2015 Trial
Survey presented at the Silent Barn on June 25, 2015 in response to SalON!: True Crime True Madness // The Coincidental Hour.

Performance Research Sessions: Form & Function is an ongoing research, experimentation, and discussion pursuit organized by Claire Moodey with Maia Karo and Sophie L. Thunberg. Investigations began in 2014 through the support of the Target Margin Theater Institute for Collaborative Theater Making. For more information and more surveys, visit

Respond to the following questions about either the evening as a whole or one piece of your choosing. For data contextualization purposes, please specify below. Interpret freely and enjoy.
How are you feeling today?
1. Summarize the experience in a sentence, picture, or up to 3 emoticons.
Describe emojis or emoticons pictured below. We wish you could just circle them! If you can cut and paste or work a miracle in Google Forms, let us know!
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2. Check all that apply:
3. Pick one. Would you categorize the performance as more of a:
Claire's Conundrums!
4. As an audience member, were you performing at any point during this performance?
5. At any point did you feel the desire or need to release energy (verbal, emotional or physical) generated in you during this performance?
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6. Describe the experience of the person sitting next to you.
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7. Do you know this person?
8. On a scale from 1-5 how much did this person influence your experience?
(1 being “not at all” & 5 being “my experience was completely entangled with theirs”)
not at all
my experience was completely entangled with theirs
9. Describe the dominant voice of the performance.
Maia's Marginalia!
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10. Did you identify with this voice? Did you feel drawn in by this voice or alienated? Can you identify this voice in a relationship in your life?
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11. Do you have a color in mind? If so, please describe.
Sophie's Choice!
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