Teaching Advice for New Faculty at UofG
What do you wish you knew about teaching in university when you started? What advice do you have for balancing teaching with other priorities? How do you support your well-being as an instructor?

Using ANY OR ALL of the prompts below, what advice would you provide New Faculty as they being their teaching journey at UofG.

We will collate all the advice to provide to new faculty at our workshops. We may also follow up with you to request further use of your advice, such as posting it in the New Faculty section on the OTL website.
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What do you wish you would have known about teaching as a new faculty member?
Considering ANY or ALL of the prompts below, what other advice can you offer?
How do you balance your teaching with other priorities? What do you do to support your well-being as an instructor? What keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about teaching? Where or how do you connect with others to talk about your teaching?
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We are asking that you provide your full name and department/school to provide a personal connection to the advice you have provided and permission if we are interested in using your advice beyond the purposes stated in the description above.
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